Who are we?

Ah – now there is a good question!!

Well, we are many people for whom just sending mail or bulletins across the AX.25 B.B.S. system is not enough of a challenge. There is lots of TCP/IP software out there now that the Internet is so popular, and most of it will work over radio links. The reason for us getting together in a club is to help one another find out how to make the best use of all this software and put together the radio equipment necessary to move the data so created.

Most meetings are an informal affair that allows the members to meet face to face (normally – but presently we meet on Zoom) to discuss problems or announce discoveries they have made. Occasionally, we have a more formal talk if someone is prepared to share a topic with the group or a visitor outside the group.

There is often no theme to the evening, even if it is not a formal ‘do’ with announcements, updates on the various projects the club is involved with and of course, a coffee/tea break – cannot do without liquid refreshments. Whilst on the zoom meetings its upto you when you have a break, we won’t judge.